Everyday Items That Have A Purpose That People Did Not Realize

  1. 1

    you have actually most likely discovered the hole at the end of pen caps. Contrary to common belief, it's not in fact there to keep the pen from drying. The hole is so there's lower threat of suffocation if a child wound up choking on the cap.
  2. 2

    Ever question why all your pots have holes at the end of the handle? Not just to hang them, but also to hold the spoon while you're cooking
  3. 3

    You might or might not have actually seen that some covers have little spikes in them. This is so you can pierce those small protective foils easier, simply loosen the cover, turn it over, and push.
  4. 4

    That hole in the bottom of padlocks serves a function you might not have actually understood. The hole permits water to drain from the lock when being utilized outdoors as well as can be utilized to oil the lock for much better efficiency.
  5. 5

    That little arrow next to the gas gauge on your control panel exists to inform you which side of the automobile the gas cap is on.
  6. 6

    The hole in pasta spoons is not just there to strain the noodles and let water drain out, it's actually utilized to measure out the size of a single person's portion of spaghetti.
  7. 7

    The serrated edge on tape measurers exists so you can mark where your measurement is. It might appear apparent now, however a great deal of individuals do not recognize this function.
  8. 8

    Those holes in the sides of converse shoes aren't there for decor, they are there for ventilation.

Simple Life Hack To Clear Off Your Winshield in Seconds!


This weather man shows viewers a simple trick to clean off or defrost their windshields in the winter. This is very helpful as most of us who live where it is cold in the winter know how frustrating it is to have to spend 5 to 10 minutes scraping the frost of your vehicle in the morning before you can leave for work. 5 or 10 minutes might not seem like a lot of time but when you are late or it is -40 outside it is a long time, so the fact that this trick can save you this time is huge.